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If you don't know what cryptocurrencies are, we'll explain it to you. Crypto currencies are virtual currencies used as a medium of exchange or as an investment, which can be transferred, stored or traded through electronic means. The security of transactions with crypto currencies is guaranteed by advanced cryptographic systems such as blockchain technology, that is to say a shared and unalterable ledger, which facilitates the recording and monitoring of transactions.

Crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereu, Coyote and Litecoin, they use network technologies where users' computers converge into nodes, distributed in all parts of the world. These computers run specific programs, which serve as purses. The transactions are not controlled by any central authority, such as governments or banks, take place online, and are governed by complex pre-determined computer and cryptographic algorithms; this system avoids the possibility of external interference, such as scams and counterfeits.


The value of Bitcoin has underwent progressive increases in recent years, from $ 1000 at the end of November 2013 to about $ 65.000 in 2021.

Why invest in Bitcoin? Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Transaction speed: unlike a banking operation, which can take up to a few days, Bitcoin transactions are very fast, in the order of a few minutes.
  • Ѐ economical: operating with credit cards is generally fast, but sometimes involves significant costs; with Bitcoins transaction fees are very low, equal to a few euro cents.
  • Ѐ protected from centralized initiatives, which could undermine your capital.
  • It is safe. You do not have to provide personal information for your transactions; the system works with a public and a private key, that if you do not reveal to anyone, you are completely safe.
  • It is not subject to inflation. Being a limited supply asset, it is not influenced by elements linked to the real economy or monetary policies, and therefore is not subject to devaluation.
  • Guarantees anonymity. Your Bitcoin wallet can be observed by anyone, but no one will ever know whose it is: your privacy is assured.
  • Trading with this crypto currency does not require specific computer skills, and as you will see below, with BitQH, making transactions with Bitcoin is very simple.


Do Bitcoin trading with BitHQ is really very simple, and anyone who can use a PC can. You don't need to have a degree in computer science to understand how BitQH works!

The BitQH platform, which can be found on the official BitQH website, is in use easy and intuitive, and it is the ideal system for those who want to trade cryptocurrencies, both for beginners and for experts. Operations with cryptocurrency are also facilitated thanks to the valid assistance service of the site, which details how to invest with BitHQ.


If you want to know how BitHQ works, all you have to do is open your PC, and look for the official BitHQ website. Here you will find everything you need to register, and you will also have the opportunity to consult a detailed guide on how to invest with BitHQ, and become a good trader.

Although making cryptocurrency transactions with our platform is very easy and intuitive, we still thought of creating a guide, to allow everyone to become real experts. The operations necessary for the purchase and sale of crypto currencies, i.e. to operate on the price movements of the currencies themselves, are simple, but those who are not used to trading may have doubts to clarify.

This is why we have compiled our guide: to allow anyone, regardless of experience level, to learn well how to invest with BitHQ and execute transactions correctly.


Investing with BitHQ offers numerous benefits. Let's see them together.

You can use BitHQ with all your electronic devices

BitHQ is one very flexible platform, because it can be used with various electronic devices. You can therefore invest with BitQH using your PC, desktop or laptop, or via your tablet, and even your smartphone, to trade in any corner of the planet.

What all you need is an efficient connection to register with BitHQ, and enter the fascinating world of online cryptocurrency transactions, which will give you the opportunity to be part of the BitHQ community of traders and earn money.

Creating an account on BitHQ is easy and simple

Contrary to other trading platforms, we we do not ask for much information to those who want to registeri on our site. We care that the opinions on BitHQ continue to emphasize how much it is easy, fast and not at all complicated to join our trading community BitHQ. This is why we require little information to obtain an account, and that is only that  useful for safeguarding your privacy.

On the other hand, when we thought about designing BitHQ, our priority was to make one platform easily accessible and to be used quickly. So burdening the system with too many mandatory fields for registration would have been against our principles.

There is nothing to pay to sign up, because BitHQ is free!

Yup, getting a BitHQ account is completely free. Once you have entered the original Italian BitHQ site, you just have to enter some data and deposit $ 250, to be used for your cryptocurrency trading. Do not worry: there are no hidden costs. Furthermore, we will not ask you for any extra commission, for example as a percentage of the deposit, or on the withdrawals you want to make. Investing with BitHQ ti allows you to perform all online trading operations without Costi management.


The Italian BitHQ site works with trading robots, capable of develop strategies to propose the best transactions. Given the current easy accessibility to stock markets, trading robots, or bots, are software that they use several parameters, qualitative and quantitative, to execute trading operations.

Some of these parameters, which can be customized by the investor, are:

The movements of the markets

The trend of the economy

The assessment on price fluctuations

The statistics of the stock exchange

If you decide to invest with BitHQ, you can therefore use our automated software, which will analyze the different indicators needed for find the best chances of buying and selling crypto currencies, and get maximum profit. What you will need to do, after signing up for the official BitHQ site, is simply proceed with setting the parameters you intend to use, to allow the bot to operate based on specific trading strategies.


BitHQ is an Italian site that you gives the opportunity to test your trading strategies, without risking losing your money. One of the options on our platform is the ability to use a DEMO account, which is very good not only for understanding how BitHQ works, but also for learning from your mistakes.

Tutti to learn they need to practice, and the demo mode present in BitHQ allows you to do it without risk. This way, when you have tested different trading strategies, you can decide to start making real money transactions, as you will have an experience that will allow you to be more productive in investing with BitHQ.


Now that we've had a good chat about cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin, and we've also explained to you what BitHQ is, it's time to show you just how good it is. easy, simple and fast to register on our platform, to become a member of our vibrant community, and start investing with BitHQ.

The steps to take, to register a BitHQ account and be ready to make cryptocurrency transactions, are few, as well as the information to be entered. You will be amazed at how simple it is to respond to software requests. The first thing to do is enter the official BitHQ website, and click on the register button. So the steps to take are essentially three, and now we will describe them precisely:

Step 1

Get your BitHQ account for free

While many trading companies that operate online allow you to carry out transactions for the purchase and sale of crypto currencies anonymously; we prefer to request some personal data from those who decide to invest in crypto currencies with BitHQ, because we believe it is more correct professionally. Therefore, to activate an account and invest with BitHQ, you must add these few personal information in the appropriate spaces of the registration form: Name and Surname Valid e-mail address • Telephone number At the end of this quick data entry, you will need to click on the link sent from the system to your mailbox immediately after registration, to correctly activate your BitHQ account. When you have carried out this verification operation properly, an intermediate step awaits you, which will take you one step away from being ready to invest with BitHQ.

Step 2

Deposit $ 250 and set the parameters for BitHQ trading

To access transactions with BitHQ you now only need to deposit a minimum amount of $ 250, which will be used for trading, and then choose the parameters you want, to allow the bot to analyze them and provide you with the best buying and selling strategies. We remind you that there is no commission for your online transactions, because they are completely free on BitHQ. The statistical indicators used by the robot offer an efficient support for the research of models that recur in the evolution of the reference market, and allow you to invest with BitHQ increasing the probability of obtaining profits and at the same time decreasing the risks deriving from wrong investments. This operation is very important, so on the official BitHQ website you will find a guide that helps you to correctly set the parameters to perform your online transactions. We also suggest that you take further information on this, for example by browsing the web, in order to deepen the functioning of the various parameters, and also to understand the effect that they can have on online cryptocurrency transactions.

Step 3

Now you can start investing with BitHQ for real money, but before you do, practice with the demo version

Once you've added your personal details, deposited the $ 250 fund, and set the benchmarks, you may be ready to invest with BitHQ. However, we recommend that you do some practice with the demo version, before diving headlong into online crypto currency trading. Having the opportunity to practice with the demo account is really important, not only to understand how BitHQ works, but also and above all so that you fully understand the need to analyze data and also learn to manage your capital. Furthermore, using the demo version makes you understand the importance of the psychological approach: often those who are at the beginning of their adventure as a trader let themselves be taken by emotion, which is not necessarily positive, because if not managed correctly, it could contribute to the increased risk. Instead, by practicing and carefully evaluating data and situations, and keeping the emotions in check, it is possible to better understand the dynamics of trading, and put ourselves on the right path to obtain the profits we wanted when we decided to invest with BitHQ.


Absolutely not! Invest with BitHQ is completely free and there are no sunk costs. To register and join the BitHQ community, there is no expense, and there are no fees charged on withdrawing funds. It only takes deposit $ 250 when creating a new accountt, which will be used for online trading operations. Control of operations is yours alone and you will not have to allocate any percentage to BitHQ on the deposit.

Of course! The BitHQ platform can be used with desktops, laptops, tablets, and you can make transactions and check their progress even with your smartphone; so you can trade online in any place. All you need is a good data connection. We wanted meet everyone's needs, to please our audience and we have succeeded, as the positive BitHQ reviews online.

Absolutely yes! I'm not here obstacles of any kind to use the platform BitHQ.

The system can be used by everyone: by budding traders and experienced professionals. BitHQ bots operate according to the parameters you want to set, for implement your online trading strategies. Also, on the site you have a guide for understand what BitHQ is and how it works, and that also offers you the opportunity to practice with the demo version, to practice and avoid blunders, especially if you are a beginner.


Lidea of ​​developing the BitHQ project was born from a team of trading experts, and it took a long time to develop the platform you see now on the official BitQH website. We wanted to be sure of offer the public a unique and reliable product, which had innovative and unique characteristics, compared to the various proposals on the market. The process that allowed us to create BitHQ began with a careful evaluation of the different systems present on the network, to understand what they had in common, what were the weaknesses and what could have been used to design the system BitHQ. We have noticed that many online trading platforms lacked several functions, which would have represented a great advantage for those who wanted to invest in crypto currencies. We therefore developed BitHQ with this in mind, and now we are sure that BitQH really works because we ran many tests before launching our productWe were able to obtain an impeccable product thanks to our stubbornness and many years of experience as an online trader, and now we are happy with how our platform has been positively received by the public: just read the BitHQ reviews that are on the net to realize it!

We were able to obtain an impeccable product thanks to our stubbornness and many years of experience as an online trader, and now we are happy with how our platform has been positively received by the public: just read the BitHQ reviews that are on the net to realize it!

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